09/25/2020 ... [+]

The EST Map Viewer has been updated with several improvements including: 

  • Layers are now expanded to show their contents in the layers list when added to map 
  • The option to Turn on All Sublayers now works with map services that contain folders 
  • A new option Zoom to saved map extent lets you choose whether to remain at the same extent when opening a saved map 

07/24/2020 ... [+]

The Map Loader search tool in the EST Map Viewer has been updated to look for sub-topics in addition to key words and layer names. For example, there is a sub-topic called ARC Lands under Natural resources that contains several layers of recreational and conservation lands. Go to the Map Loader tool bar, and type ARC Lands in the Search Layers box. It will list the sub-topic as ARC Lands (Category). It will also find each of the individual layers in that sub-topic. You can simply add all the layers with one click, or pick and choose among the individual layers in the search results. This works for any of the sub-topics containing multiple layers. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions for future improvements.

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