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Please remember that you are granted a user name and password to access a secure site.  With that comes privileges.  As an authorized user of the secure Environmental Screening Tool (EST) web site, you are expected to protect confidential information available on the website, including the locations of archeological sites and threatened and endangered species. Precise locations of these resources are sensitive. Unauthorized distribution of the data may lead to vandalism and destruction of the resources.  In particular, archaeological site location information is exempt from Florida's public records laws under Florida Statute 267.135.  Do not publish, distribute, post on the internet or otherwise disseminate data which would reveal archaeological site locations.  Refer requests for the data to the Division of Historical Resources.

Furthermore, the EST is intended to be used in support of the Efficient Transportation Decision Making Process and other FDOT projects. You are responsible for using the EST only for the purpose intended. Your account will be revoked if not in compliance with this or other Rules of Acceptable Use. These rules were included in the email when your account was created notifying you of your user name and password. Please be mindful and act accordingly.

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As of January 5, 2018:
All user defined communities, census places, and counties have been updated with the latest 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) data.  Any Areas of Interest (AOI) that had the analysis run prior to January 5, will need to have the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) or Environmental Screening Tool (EST) analysis re-triggered to reflect the updates.

Please note that the attribute field representing 'Median Family Income' was blank again for all of Florida's 11442 blockgroup records in the 2016 ACS data update.  The data was present at the county level.

The ACS 2016 data should be available for download by Monday January 22 through the Florida Geographic Data Libarary (FGDL) (

If you need assistance regenerating the SDR or EST analysis, please contact the OEM Help Desk at or by phone at 850-414-5334

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